Sunday, March 25, 2012

Total Jumping Server tut

Buzz It

             Get access to all the readable directories on the server and their possible database.
Steps to get access.
Go to your shell
Upload this zip file ""
Download it from here
After that just unzip our zip file by giving the following command
Once it done and unzip command is executed you will see like this
This show all the files included in our zip file
 Now go and open our jumping folder. if you have uploaded it in public_html 
then the link would be and you would see the below image

 Now open barc0de mini.php its an shell. once you open it. it look like this

Enter pass hackers
Now open jump.php it will take some time to load as it scans for all readable sites on server.
Once it done it will come up will all readable sites on server like this

 All the above are directly readable. Now will run scanner.php
it will read for config file in those dir once done it shows us like this
Now lets take one of them and put it in our barc0de mini.php and see if it shows us the database
And boom we have the access to its database config
i have included two more files sql.php & domain.php. this will help you to get website name and get in to database..cracker.php tries to crack ftp+ cpanel...
Updated barc0de.php
This shell is the newer version of barc0de mini.php
it is all in one shell. it has jump, scanner, cracker, and checker included in one shell
Download it from here
Thanks to code security for the scripts

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