Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Increase website Traffic with Article Marketing

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 There is no doubt that article marketing is one of the best ways to increase a website's traffic, Article marketing,If you want to have an advertisement that would last a lifetime, then utilize article marketing

How does article marketing increase your website traffic? Here are the reasons.

1. You would get the best exposure ever. As many people read you article, you would also get many clicks to your site. And did we mention good traffic would yield great profit? Definitely!

2. A cheap way of advertising. If you think that you need to spend huge dollars just to promote your site, then you are mistaken. Use article marketing and you would get the cheapest means to get the publicity of an advertisement.

3. Getting a good page ranking. As long as your article uses the appropriate keywords that would ding the search engines, then you might end up in the top rank for SEO. Just make sure that your articles would still maintain good information that would satisfy the readers.

4. Create connection with your readers. When you read something that you can relate with, surely your eyes will be glued on it. So put that in mind whenever you write. It is the most effective way to have readers desire to know more about you and would eventually lead to have them click on your site on the resource box.

Popular article marketing to increase website traffic

Here are some of popular article marketing directories you can use to increase your website's traffic:

iSnare.com *
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seo marketing said...

article marketing is one of the mosy effective way to build links and even give traffic

Joel Gray said...

Article writing increases website traffic if only they are informative and of good quality. Thank you for the list of useful sites you have provided. :)

Muhammad Ahmad Sodikin said...

yes,to author, I believe number 2 is practical. Is not how much you spend each dollar to advertise your campaign, is about how you put it into the context and trying to convince people on your own words. no 4, cyber buddies and real friends are very important to get high website traffic, I have few friends who are very fond to do business in the internet but a bit shy to tell their friends.
In nutshell, this is very informative posts. Thumb up.

Henry said...


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