Sunday, September 19, 2010

Make Money online with CPA Lead

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CPA Lead is a next generation CPA ad network that pays you when ever your visitor completes a lead.Their special tool is a gateway that allows your users to fill out special advertisement offers before landing on your webpage. CPALead promotes incentive based advertisements across all niche sites that include their gateway code on their pages.

CPALead works great for MMORPG Games, Virtual Worlds, Social Networks, Get Paid To Websites, USA Compliant Poker Websites, TV Websites, Celebrities, Blogs, Dating, Video Games, Funny Videos and much more.The biggest publishers of CPA Lead earn thousands of dollars a day

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Add ALT Tags To Improve your Blog Seo

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Blogspot Seo Tips and Tricks To Improve your blog's Seo
Yesterday In my article 7 Tips To Increase your Search Engine Rankings I told you about seven best methods To increase your Search Engine Rankings.One of those 7 points was to add ALT tags for better blog seo but however many of my readers were unable to understand that point so I though to prepare an Individual Article on Adding ALT Tags To Improve your Blog Seo

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