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5 Killer Tips to Double your Infolinks revenue

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Double your infolinks revenue
I recently wrote a review on infolinks and concluded it as the best adsense alternative and king of Intext advertisement, however you increase your existing Infolinks revenue by performing simple optimizations.

5 Killer  steps to Increase your revenue on Infolinks

By following these 5 steps you can Increase your revenue, i have used these steps to increase my revenue by 70%.

Single underline VS Double Underline

Infolinks recommend its users to use Double underline for links but i think its not a smart idea, I have tried both Single underline and Double Underline, Single underline have worked for me it has increased my CPM rate as well as CTR rate and hence increasing my revenue.

Color of the Link

As you know that most commonly the normal links are of Blue color so the reader will more likely click it than other colors. Some webmasters recommend to use color matching to your site i think they are also right but i think you better stick to blue.

Use Maximum Ads

Double your infolinks revenue

By using Maximum number of ads you will probably increase the chance of getting more clicks and More clicks=More Revenue.

High Paying Keywords

Unlike Google Adsense, Infolinks do not reveal their Highest paying keywords but I still think there will be a fractional difference between both Infolinks keywords and Google Adsense keywords. I use the Google adwords keywords suggesion tool to look for high paying keyowrds 

Also check the following posts for more information on High paying keywords:

Target Infolinks in your Main post

If your ads appear in your sidebar or footer you will lower your CTR rate, however Infolinks provide simple tags which Enable of Disable Infolinks in certain areas.

To disable <!__INFOLINKS_OFF__>

To enable <!__INFOLINKS_ON__>

Payment Proof for Infolinks

Here is the payment proof for Infolinks:

Double your infolinks revenue

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10 Comment:

Sarah said...

Hi, it's Sarah from Infolinks. Thanks for sharing your optimization tips with other readers. For more tips I encourage people to visit our blog ( and click on the Optimization Tips category.

Rafay Baloch said...

Hey sarah I welcome you to make a guest post on my blog regarding Infolinks optimization.

Anonymous said...

nice information rafay... i also want infolink on my site Pls help.

Neeraj K said...

gr8 tip..I mostly switch between dotted and double underline

making money tips said...

great tips... thanks..

DP said...

Does anyone know how to disable infolinks on certain blog posts? I'm using blogger and does not work. Infolinks still appears. Thanks.

webtwilight said...

You said in your article
"I have tried both Single underline and Double Underline, Single underline have worked for me it has increased my CPM rate as well as CTR rate and hence increasing my revenue."

But if you look at your Infolinks it's double line. Don't you backup your own post.

Rafay Baloch said...

I have stopped updating this blog as I am concentrating on other projects, If you look at my main blog you will see the above optimization and I haven't optimized this blog

freemoviedirectdownlaod said...

great tips, i have been using infolinks and my ecpm and ctr is kind of low. thanks for the advice

Online Information Technology Blogger said...

Infolinks isn't reaping much of a profit for my Tech Blog :P I tried Google AdSense but they refused my 1st application saying "Page Type" God knows what they wanna mean! I have entirely original content!

You wanna check it out Buddy?

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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