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6 Common mistakes which Newbie bloggers make

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In this article I will tell you the six most common mistakes which alot of new bloggers make and how to avoid them.

Poor Content 

You might have heard that content is king, yeah thats very true. If your content is not good so you will not get more return visitors
Poor Content =Few Return Visitors
Successful bloggers have write clearly know their subject and their audience. You must know what your readers like, if you don't know it will be hard to put your self in their shoes

Too Much Advertising

Some of newbie bloggers think that by placing lots of ad units in your blog will get you more money this is true when you have lots of traffic. When your site is very new and does not have a decent amount of traffic than there is no use of adding too much advertising. Instead focus on building your content and your readership once you have a reasonable amount of traffic you can start to introduce Advertising then

Not Building an Email List

I Think this is the thing that you need to start from the very first day you start blogging. Not Building an Email list is like leaving a bunch of  money on a table.I recommend you to use auto-responders such as GetResponse

Posting Too Infrequently

Well this is the most common mistake which 90% of newbie bloggers make they do not post frequently. Search Engines love those blogs which are updated frequently.
Once a visitor finds your blog and likes he will keep coming back to check for new content. One way to ensure repeat traffic is to post frequently.Lots of my blog readers  they love my blog because I post new content frequently,

Trying to Paint the whole wall 

So many new bloggers start their blogs without a clear focus I mean that they do not stick to one niche they try to write on multiple niche. Trying to paint the whole wall will confuse your readers and you are more likely to loose your blog traffic

Too Many useless widgets

Page load time is an important factor SEO. Lots of newbie bloggers post useless widgets on their blog which increase its load time and hence irritating their readers. One more thing which I see that bloggers link back to directories does not worth and slows your blogs loading time and well as making your blog unprofessional

Hope you liked my article ! Pass the comments
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