Wednesday, July 21, 2010

High paying google adsense keywords by categories

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I have written alot of articles on Google adsense High paying keywords.Choosing the correct keywords and using them in your articles will help you earn more with google adsense or any other network.

Mesothellioma Category
mesothelioma claims $104.83
mesothelioma attorneys san diego $104.04
mesothelioma lawsuits $101.29
mesothelioma attorney san diego $83.30
mesothelioma lawyers san diego $81.98
mesothelioma class action $81.93
mesothelioma compensation $81.27

Secured Loan Category
best secured loans $90.81
secured loan interest rate $82.14
cheap secured loans $61.63
secured loan rate $52.22
home owner secured loan $39.25
Endowment Policies Category
surrendering endowment policies $80.97
selling an endowment $77.79
endowment policy purchase $76.50
selling an endowment policy $76.28
sell endowment policies $74.22
selling your endowment policy $69.15
selling my endowment $66.01

DWI Lawyers Category
austin dwi lawyers $100.31
dwi attorney austin texas $83.55
austin dwi lawyer $72.90
tx dwi lawyers $57.71
tx dwi lawyer $54.47
westchester dwi lawyer $39.19
dwi attorney $38.17
felony lawyers $37.00
Auto Insurance Category
auto insurance quote comparison $72.13
free auto insurance quote $55.96
auto insurance quotes online $44.06
auto insurance qoutes $41.91
auto insurance quotes comparison $41.45
auto insurance on line $40.53
Debt Consolidation Category
student debt consolidation loans $67.45
student debt consolidation loan $62.34
federal debt consolidation $34.06
business debt consolidation $22.95
debt consolidation loans online $21.28
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tech2udate said...

thanx for tips , but why didn't u use infolinks ads into ur blog.

please mail to me which ad net works will give ads to our site not looking at web's traffic, unique visitors etc..
I'm from A.P, india

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