Friday, May 21, 2010

Paypal Alternative in Pakistan

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As we know that paypal is the Best online payment processor for accepting and sending payments, but due to poor banking system in Pakistan it does not support it, Leaving alot of difficulties for Pakistani webmasters and freelancers, most of them work on Unverified account but it has a sending limit of 500$ and moreover they are also making lots of accounts limited due to huge amount of Fraud and fake informations so in these conditions one must look for an alternative instead of sticking to Paypal.

I suggest you using Alertpay as an alternative to paypal

Why Alerpay?

Alerpay is a Payment processor similar to paypal, it also supports alot of Payment methods such as Wire transfer,checks etc .

There are two types of Alerpay accounts:

1.Personal account:
If you shop or sell online, the Personal accounts will ensure that your transactions are fast and safe:

Make credit card payments
Flexible depositing and withdrawal options
Send money from 190 + countries
Shop and sell online without revealing your personal information

2.Business account:

If you run an online business and need a secure payment solution, try the Business account today:

Accept Credit Card payments
Manage multiple online businesses with one AlertPay account
Work under your company name
Built-in fraud protection

So what are you waiting for Signup for Alertpay and start sending and receiving payments in Pakistan.
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