Friday, May 14, 2010

I dont care about the number of people who follow me on twitter

Buzz It
In the last year or two I have seen numerous programs developed for getting zillions of followers on twitter in no time. I’ve even tried them myself.
The problem with these programs is that some of them actually work. Some of them can get you hundred or thousands of followers with little investment by you.
At first having a ton of followers is a boost to your ego. It makes you feel good and feel important to have so many people following you.

 Get Rich not so quick
With so many followers you have this brilliant idea. All you need to do is to tweet one affiliate link and all of your followers are going to click on it and buy whatever crap you are promoting. You believe that you’re going to make enough money to buy a fancy Lamborghini to put in your eight car garage.
You tweet the link to your 5 zillion followers and wait for the money to roll in.
And you wait.
No affiliate sales after one minute. No affiliate sales after an hour.
After a day you’re wondering why you didn’t make any money.
You wonder if you tweeted at the wrong time. You wonder if you the link was broken or if you should have added a short description before the link.

The truth

The sad truth is that you can get thousands of followers very quickly but none of them will be interested in what you have to say. They’re not going to be interested in the products they were promoting via twitter.  They couldn’t care less that Poodle Manicures Inc. is having a blowout sale and all poodle shampoo is half off.
All of them will consider your tweets noise and ignore them.
So yes, you can get lots of followers but it won’t help you make money or get traffic to your website.

The right way:
The right way to build a following on twitter is to start by tweeting about things that people care about. Provide value to your followers and they will retweet your stuff. This will lead to more people following you.
But more importantly your followers will be interested in your message. They will trust you. When you tweet a link to some new blog post you wrote they will click on it.
It’s easy to get traffic from twitter when you have a group of followers that is interested in what you’re talking about.
Making money
The way to make money with twitter is to not advertise in your tweets. Instead write interesting and engaging blog posts and tweet a link to them. This will send traffic to your blog or website.
Once people get to your blog or website then you should have some advertisements.
The number of followers you have on twitter doesn’t matter. It’s the relationship you have with your followers that matters.

Source:Nick's Traffic tricks
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