Thursday, April 29, 2010

Make money with your site's exit traffic

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ExitJunction is the most exciting Pay per click advertising program and a very easy way to Make money  with your site's exit traffic .The reason why I love it so much is because it serves ads AFTER a person is leaving your site. They are the only site that does it like this. How it works is if someone finds a page on your site via the search engine, when they hit the back button to leave your site, they see a page full of ads. 

They only serve the ads when you reach the site via search engines and when you hit the back button on the same page you entered from the search engines. They are only served when the visitor wants to leave your site. That means that you will be earning extra money from clicks from visitors that normally would just leave your site without clicking ads on your actual site. It won’t interfere with any of your ads on your site because it is only shown when they are exiting. It’s a great way of earning extra money from visitors you normally wouldn’t see again because they are coming in randomly from search engines.
Not only do you earn more from the Exit Junction ads, but I’m finding the large majority go BACK onto my site after seeing the ExitJunction ads because many don’t want to click on the ads. That means instead of just leaving my site back onto search engines, they are looking deeper into my site and possibly clicking on other ads on my site. I’ve noticed that my overall affiliate and adsense earnings on my sites has increased since putting Exit Junction ads. Therefore, it’s a win win for me because I earn extra from Exit Junction and the many wind up on my site longer and are more likely to click ads instead of just looking at my site for a few seconds and leaving.
I been using ads for about 3 weeks and my earnings are about 20% of what they are on adsense. That’s a nice boost in earnings from people I wasn’t expecting. I noticed after about 3 weeks my earnings in Exit Junction are better than they were in the beginning. They have an algorithm that calculates the best performing ads on each site, so you earn more once you been serving ads for a while. ExitJunction pays by paypal or check and there is a 50 dollar minimum for payment.
Signup for ExitJunction by clicking the banner below:  - Make Money From Your Exit Traffic!
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