Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Make money online with Shetoldme

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She told me is an easy way to make money for writing articles,it will not just generate traffic to your site but also will earn you few bucks in your adsense accounts,it offers 100% adsense revenue sharing.

Why She Told Me Is Great

Like I said this is a revenue sharing website, if your looking to make money writing articles and there is a site like this out there willing to share a slice of the pie with you how could you go wrong.

About your share, She Told Me gives you 100% of the AdSense revenue generated around your articles, and there is even a referral bonus.
Articles are published as a "scoop", which is not really an article at all. A scoop can only be a maximum of 5000 characters so if your article is long it will not fit in the allotted space for a scoop. Now consider what a scoop is. It's just a meaty tidbit of info but not the whole story, therefore when a scoop is published it is a portion of what your article is about containing a link to the full article and also an image of what the article looks like. She Told Me is an awesome tool for creating links back to your web pages.
Your articles will show up on the first page in no time at all. I written 2 articles that were commented on and appeared on the front page in 24 hours! The traffic those articles were getting before posting them on the doubled overnight after posting them.
They do pay. In fact I have spotted dozens of writers on Hub Pages that are actually using this site, so I know there are folks out there who can back me up on this.

Click the below banner to sign up for She told me:

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