Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Make money Online with ziddu

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.The website that I am referring to is known as Ziddu.Surprisingly,I have never heard of this website and so is my other online friends.But guess what.Its Alexa ranking is a majestic 320 as of 11 FEb 2010 and is rising as the days passes by!

As I mentioned above,Ziddu pays you to share your videos,pictures and music files on it.So that means,everytime someone downloads your file that you share,you make money from it!

As of the rate that they are paying,I cannot give you a definite amount on how much you will get paid per download but it has something to do with how much Google Adsense pays Ziddu for clicks and impression with association with your files.That means that highly paid keywords and files will enable you to pay much more.
How do Ziddu pays you?Simple.No Checks,no high minimum payout.

All you need to achieve payout is $10 (minimum) and is paid on the 15th of every month.The payment mechanism is either thru moneybooker or the famou Paypal.

This rather interest me as $10 is very easy to achieve but in order for you to make thousands on this program,you have to get tons of people to download your files and hope for tons of clicks on Ziddu adsense banners.

You can easily make money with this program but to make more money out of it,you have to work hard for people to download your files and a bit of luck.

Click the below baneer to join ziddu

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