Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Make money online with Chitika EminiMalls

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Chitika PPC ad units
Chitika PPC ad units 
I recently wrote on How to add chitika ads to blogger,so i thought to mention you about chitika's new feature to help you make money online.Chitika now provide several ways to monetize your site, I will concentrate on their eMiniMalls as that is the system I use. eMiniMalls are ad units available in the standard sizes that display products to your visitors. Every time a visitor clicks on the ad you earn an amount depending on the product and other factors that Chitika keep secret. It's like Adsense in many ways.
The information you are interested in is how the ad units perform. Well I can't give out specifics but per click I am getting on average about 20 something cents and the CTR is good. In all it's been worthwhile using the service as for my sites anyway it seems to perform better than Adsense. You can also use eMiniMalls on the same page as Adsense as long as you switch off the contextual part in the setup of your eMiniMalls ad units.
Another thing I like about them is that they pay via PayPal which is more convenient, I only wish more companies would do this. The only point about them I do not like is that they audit your earnings. This means that you are not sure of your earnings for several weeks after a click is made. There are unaudited and audited reports. The reason for this is for click fraud. At least Adsense do this auditing live.

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