Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Make more money with adbrite

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I recently made a post on Make money online with adbrite. Adbrite help bloggers to make more money. Why? Because Adbrite system allows us to define the ads pricing. So what I did was, check my average eCPM of my google adsense. Then put in “the price to beat” in the pricing option. For example, in this case I have average eCPM $9+ in Adsense. So I put $10 as the price to beat.

It shows ads from Adbrite if it has ads more than the price to beat – $10. While Adbrite can’t provide the ads more than $10 eCPM, it auto load the Adsense code below. In this sense, Adbrite optimize our blog to earn more.
adbrite pricing

Other than pricing, Adbrite also provide many other make money options such as full page ads, InVideo, BritePic ,etc.

How to Make More Money with Adbrite?

To make more money from Adbrite, you must first register Adbrite. Once registered, you have to set up a new ad zone. Choose your desire ads type and install code into your blog theme’s php. Remember to put ineCPM p
+ricing and your adsense codes in order to optimize your earnings.
My two cents
I just put on this ads on yesterday. Still do not see the effects on earnings, but I saw my click thru rate (CTR) was increased by 50%! That is a lot for me. :) Also, I have tried out the full page ad. Be patient and wait for the results after 1 month time ;)
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