Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to earn money with bloggers - Sponsored reviews

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If you enjoy writing about products and services on your blog, then this is for you. Why not get paid for something you are doing anyway?

There are several websites which bring together bloggers and advertisers, including Sponsored Reviews and Pay Per Post, and depending on what the subject is and who you're reviewing for, the pay varies between a couple of dollars per post up to fifteen dollars or more.

Sponsored Reviews(Suggested)
Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with SponsoredReviews.com


The more popular your blog is and the more traffic you get, the more successful you are likely to be taking on sponsored reviews,Please note not set the price above sugeested price or your site will not be accepted,the price is  more high if your technorati rank,yahoo backlinks,alexa rank etc.

These sites normally check out your blog before letting you into the program, so if yours is a newbie it might be better to wait until you have really started to build it up and they have some history to look at as well.
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