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List of 5 best Google adsense Alternatives

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Recently for several reasons the Google adsense has banned a large number of accounts,the publishers who successfully  made good money with adsense are struggling to make money with other Advertising networks networks, probably the main reason behind that is the selection of good advertising networks,so in this article i will tell you about some google adsense alternatvies to get maximum profit from your blog/website

I suggest adbrite as one of the Best Google adsense alternatives,it supports many ad format
such as Full page ads,inline ads,Brite pic,text link ads,banner ads,Adbrite has been around for a while now, developed by Pud who is a serial entrepreneur. It came about as an alternative to Google Adsense, but very different in that a price is given for a set period of time and for a set price. There’s no ppc (pay per click), which is favoured by Adsense and it’s copycats. The point of Adbrite is to get as many clicks possible to your advert in the alotted time,For more information  on adbrite see my article on How to make money online with adbrite

Chitika ads:
If your website receives more search engine traffic than Referall or Direct traffic then i suggest you to use Chitika,Chitika shows the ad units to the visitors who came to your site via search 
engine from US OR Canada,Chitika claims themselves as the number 1 alternative of adsene,they support many ad formats just like adsense but more than adbrite,i have wrote a 
review on Chitika Premium kindly See the review on chitika in My article Make money online with Chitika ads

Get Chitika eMiniMalls 
Bidvertiser ads:
Bidvertiser is a site that is similar to Google Adsense in the sense that it does the same thing. With Bidvertiser you can put ads on your site and get paid when someone clicks them. On the other hand you can also use them to advertise your site or a product.

For more information on Bidvertiser See my article on Earn money online with Bidvertiser 

Clicksor isClicksor offers webmasters the opportunity to earn more income by simply underlining a selection of clickable text (inline text links) or displaying targeted contextual ads (various sizes of banners) on their websites or blogs. Generate revenue today and receive your payment in 15 days.

Click the below banner to signup for Clicksor:

Text link ads:
Text link ads is an ad network that allows advertisers to buy text links within the content of your posts. The links pass on Google Juice (ie they don’t have nofollow tags), they are approved by publishers before going live and they don’t have any kind of indication that they are ads on them (no popups like Kontera ads for example).
Click the below banner to Signup for Text link ads:

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14 Comment:

Marie P. said...

Would you consider adding our blog monitization solution to your list?

AffinityClick provides dynamically generated and optimized contextual product placements for blogs and websites. Our ads are customizable and interactive, built to actually enhance the look and feel of the blog as opposed to detract. We also pay 70% of the total revenue generated and offer keyword intelligence data that will help bloggers target their content to optimize payout.

Lots more, but that's just a little glimpse ;)

Marie P.

Rafay Baloch said...

@Marie p.
I will add it after testing it

Claire said...

I'm using Clicksor. They are really great. They have plenty of advertising methods, like in text ads, full page ads, pop ups, and more... I recomment to go for clicksor...

Rafay Baloch said...

I think chitika is the best alternative

tina said...


count in .. i tried them and results are really good :D

Tina said...

this is a nice list of adsense alternative.
we definitely join clicksor to see how it goes.
you can check out my blog at to see how far i have done. and the tips i used to promote my blogs

Suzanne said...


bollywood said...

i think Text link ads are best compare to these 5 publishers but adsense is a giant, Thanks

Stanley said...

why adbrite should have to be in the first place? i already used adbrite and chitika for adsense alternative but unfortunately adbrite's not doing good for me.. by the way, thanks for sharing, i'll give another alternative a try

Rajay said...

Would you consider adding Http:// to your list.

It is a ppc program similar to Google Adsense and has many ad formats - text, banners, inline and catalog ads.

We already have lots of advertisers available and more joining in daily.

Anonymous said...

Hello rafay i need your help. i just read your content about google adsense and really i am intrested to create my first site. If i am not intrested in adsense or in any alternate way than is it possible to earn money on my keyword focus basis content site. If it is possible than how big giants like google, yahoo, bing will pay me

GoogleAdsense Alternative said...

This was a great list!

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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