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Earn money Online for witting - Bukisa

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If you are good at writting and publishing articles,posts etc,Then you must utilize this talent in making money online,Bukisa is a new service which allows writers to publish article and give you on hits basis,usually a normal publisher gets 3.95$ per 1000 hits,which is a very good ratio.
Website use and feel
The Bukisa website is very clean and content submission is very easy.  The workflow makes a lot of sense and the ads on the pages are not overly jarring or distracting.  You can add tags to your content or let the system automatically generate tags based on your content.  I think that is a great feature because I spend a lot of time manually tagging my articles on pretty much every other site.

Allowable content
Bukisa allows the submission of a variety of content including text articles, presentation slides, videos, and audio.  The content has to be in English and be educational and informative in nature.  If you are writing an article it has to be at least 250 words and contain no vulgar words.  It is actually quite easy to write 250 words if you are writing a how-to article.  You can also republish articles you have written elsewhere, but they prefer that you write unique content.
The content you write at Bukisa is completely owned by you.  Before you publish the system allows you to choose your license type.  You can choose Creative Commons or no syndication.

How you earn money
Bukisa has something called a Bukisa index for determining their payouts.  Right now the Bukisa index is 3.95, which means you are paid $3.95 for every 1000 unique page views your submissions receive. After running my own blogs for a while I can tell you for a fact this is pretty decent pay for page views.    The Bukisa index changes based on how much ad revenue they earn.  Sometimes members promote their content extensively and do not earn that much revenue and the whole site has to adjust.
Another thing that is very unique about Bukisa is that they have a revenue sharing program for referrals and the program goes three levels deep.  I have not seen this in other pay for content sites. Basically you get 25% of the payment of your direct referrals, 6.25% of the payment of the second level referrals, and 1.5625% of the payment of the third level referrals.  This is probably the most interesting thing about the program because referrals can add up.
Bukisa pays by Paypal and the minimum paypout amount is $50 and it is open to everyone that has an active Paypal account.
Click the below banner to join bukisa:
Signup to Bukisa, Get Paid For Publishing your Knowledge!
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