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Dream host review - Leading Webhosting service

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Dream host is one of the leading webhosting service,and one of my most favorite web hosting companies,it is cheap,user friendly,and offers a money back guarantee .
Below i have mentioned some reasons to choose dream host:
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Unlimited hosting

By unlimited hosting what I meant here is, you can host n number of domains (unlimited)with Dreamhost. Once you have dreamhost, you don’t have to buy hosting for a new domain and new website..

Unlimited bandwidth

One of the best thing about blogspot blog is unlimited bandwidth, you can host as many images as you want and you never have to worry about the bandwidth bill. Same is with dreamhost, they provide you with unlimited bandwidth, so by the end of the month you don’t have to worry about any extra dollars in your hosting bill.

Unlimited storage

I have no clue how many webhosting sites give you unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth facility, but with dreamhost I never had to worry about Storage. If you will refer to my post you will see, I use lots of images in my single post. Probably it’s dreamhost effect that I never bothered about storage and bandwidth.

Free domain

Usually you have to pay between 6-10$ for a domain name, with dreamhost hosting, you will be getting one free domain name for an year and you will be saving a reasonable amount of money on domain.


Fantastico will let you install most of the blogging platform and forum with just one click. 

Excellent Customer service

Doesn’t matter which web hosting company you are going for , but the technical support does matter a lot. If you are in a situation and if you are not getting response within time, it might make you an IRATE customer. Till the date I have never faced any issue with their response time. Above all last time when I requested them to move me to different server, within an hour I was on different server of my choice.

97 days money back guarantee

Whenever I join any new program I always look for money back guarantee option. What if I don’t like their service or if I’m not satisfied with them later on. Dreamhost comes with the quality of service , so they provide this option to money back gurantee. You can always claim your money back within 97 days if you don’t like their service.

Value for money 5.95$/month

In the end price does matter a lot, Dreamhost gives you quality service at very reasonable price. It cost 119$ for an year of unlimited hosting with one free domain. 

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